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This video is called Celebrating Alaska’s Shorebirds. It says about itself:

21 May 2014

In Alaska, hundreds of diverse species from tiny songbirds to the much larger sandhill cranes and majestic trumpeter swans all share the same rich nesting grounds.

The fact that these shorebirds, some weighing in at a fraction of an ounce, travel up to 20,000 miles annually simply gives us humans a profound sense of awe when they arrive each spring, right on schedule. Celebrating Alaska’s Shorebirds chronicles this amazing migration against the spectacular background of Alaskan scenery. Produced over a two and a half year period of field work this stunning film has captured many stunning images in a variety of locations with in Alaska where these birds land to feed, rest, nest and breed.

From Wildlife Extra:

Arctic birds nesting earlier to catch advancing springs

Snow melt in the Arctic Alaska is…

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