With a 200 horsepower electric motor and a top speed of 216 mph, the Lightning LS-218 SuperBike is not just the world’s fastest production electric motorcycle – it also holds the world land speed record as the fastest production motorcycle period. The LS-218 has a driving range up to 180 miles per charge, and it can be recharged in just 30 minutes with a quick charger.

The numbers:

-200 horsepower
-168 lb-ft. of torque
-weighs 495 pounds
-tops out at 216mph

“Consumers no longer are required to pay more for less performance to support green technology”, said the CEO of Lightning Motorcycle. It’s been tested and proven to win against the best gasoline race bikes.

For a mere $38,000 the insanely fast Lightning LS-218 can be yours starting this summer!

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