Approximately two months ago, President Obama’s Science Advisor, Dr. John Holdren spoke in a video titled The Polar Vortex Explained in 2 Minutes in which he explained that the poles’ temperatures are warming and that the middle latitudes are in fact, warming. Dr. John Holdren explained that the temperature difference between the poles and mid latitudes is decreasing so this has led to what is called a circumpolar vortex, which is a counterclockwise swirling of cold air. Also, since the cold air swirling will then start getting warmer based on its location, this causes the vortex to have “waviness” which will make the northern regions of the globe warmer and the southern regions of the globe cooler.


Computer models aided in this simulation to find contributing factors. Dr. John Holdren mentions that the computer models are still experimenting, but ends the video by stating: “I believe the odds are that we can expect as a result of global warming, to see more of this pattern of extreme cold in the mid latitudes and some extreme warm in the far north”.


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