Aside from its speed, shocking good looks, ultimate customer satisfaction and impressive mechanical/electrical design there are many fun facts about the innovative Model S. Whatever else the company and Elon Musk have up their sleeve, we are excited to see it in the much anticipated Model X and more!

A reflection on some of the Model S’s impressive accomplishments is in order, and just remember, you read it here.

Some fun facts about the Tesla Model S include:

  • The NHTS’s tried to perform a root crush resistance test on the Model S, and it actually broke. The roof crush resistance is over twice the requirement by the NHTSA.
  • It also got a 5.4 star crash test rating which was the highest ever recorded.
  • The Model S has the largest panoramic sunroof of any production car.
  • The Motortrend’s Car of the Year Award is extremely coveted and the Model S was the first electric vehicle to receive this award ever.
  • The largest digital display/touchscreen at 17” of any production vehicle. In effect creating a “minimalist” design with no knobs or physical dials on the dash.
  • This car also has the lowest drag coefficient of any production car, at 0.24.
  • The sound system in the Model S includes “visual surround control” where a 3D image of the insides of the vehicle comes on the screen and users can just drag their fingers to direct music to be louder accordingly.
  • The cargo space in the car is the largest in its class, in fact underneath the front hood is even more storage space!
  • There are only 20 moving parts
  • A web browser is included in the 17” display, with internet provided entirely by Tesla!

Now we are interested in knowing more about Tesla’s commitment to the planet…and that smaller Model S (code name: “Blue Star”).



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