Many of us have seen the movie Wall-E, An Inconvenient Truth and maybe Food, Inc. (maybe because it’s on Netflix). Just to get everyone in the green and sustainable film mood, here is an overview of a few of these films for good weekend or anytime viewing:

WALL·E was produced by Pixar Animation Studios in 2008 and it’s about a robot named  WALL·E and his robot friend Eve’s adventures on. WALL·E is a waste collecting robot and he is sent to a futuristic and waste-covered polluted planet earth on a mission and even falls in love with Eve along the way. The success and popularity of this movie was partly due to the realistic and humanistic nature of both the animations and critical issues such as pollution on our planet.  The next film, An Inconvenient Truth helped pave the way for this film’s great success.

An Inconvenient Truth was former United States Vice President Al Gore’s video about global warming. It is probably the most famous film in this article, some even call this film infamous as well and it mainly takes the form of a narrated slide show. An Inconvenient Truth premiered at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival and greatly helped raise international public awareness of climate change and even reenergized the environmental movement. This film was filled with different ways to display data such as detailed graphs, flow charts, and other visuals that are still shown today. This is probably the most serious and scientific film on this list (having seen them all).

Food, Inc. is about the huge growth and corruption in the food industry since the 1950s. This film came out in 2010, and it has even caused a considerable number of Americas to become vegetarian, vegan or to otherwise modify their diets. Food, Inc. explains how large food production businesses get and in order to achieve huge profits and supplies, it is pointed out that the health and safety of the food, animals, consumers and workers are often overlooked by companies and even the government.