Adobe Systems Inc. which is a digital marketing and digital media company headquartered in San Jose, Ca is very proactive when it comes to sustainability and energy conservation. The company has recognized that their industry is increasingly energy intensive and so they aim to reduce energy consumption and to stabilize their costs. Their ultimate goal is for their buildings to “produce or offset as much energy as they consume, resulting in Net Zero energy usage”. So far, the company has been tracking Scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions (for purchased energy of the leased sites and for employee business travel since these two areas are part of their value chain). Reducing energy demand has been an area of observance for Adobe since before 2002. The company has impressive statistics about their energy efficiency projects and renewable/alternative energy here:

In addition, Adobe even tracks over 30,000 data points on energy usage and critical operations.

Adobe’s commitment to the environment is legendary for the corporate world. In an area of relatively poor air quality, it is refreshing to see Adobe’s headquarters which are revolutionary, awe-inspiring and clean.