The amount of plastic bottles that make it into landfills each year is gigantic and so a new edible water bottle is a valuable invention, and alas it is here.

A team at London’s Imperial College invented the Ooho water bottle from a process called spherification which forms a membrane around a frozen liquid and once the frozen liquid (water) melts, then it is contained in a flexible, gelatinous pouch.

Spherification is also used in molecular gastronomy or in the culinary world to make fancy foods such as popping boba teas and faux caviar but now this method can quench people’s thirst and save plastic from landfills. The photos are just amazing.



The leader of the project’s name is “Rodrigo García González” and he said that the group’s experimentation involved “lateral thinking and experimentation”. The product isn’t ready for market yet because the team wants to find a solution to resealing the pouch once it’s pierced. Also, González admitted that people do not always care for the texture. So much research and development is also much anticipated.

For now, curious individuals might want to try making this at home by using calcium chloride to form a membrane around frozen liquids.