Unlike other automakers that mass produce their vehicles, Local Motors co-creates vehicles with a global community of designers, engineers and enthusiasts. So far the group has produced one car, the Rally Fighter, and now it has signed a contract to build a 3D-printed electric version of the vehicle for the Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT).

Green Halo - First 3D-Printed Electric Vehicle at 2014 IMTSThe Rally Fighter electric vehicle is set to be the first direct digitally manufactured vehicle to debut at the 2014 International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago, which takes place in September. The 3D-printed Rally Fighter designed by a global community will be built to meet the city’s growing urban transportation needs.

“IMTS is the perfect venue on which to showcase the next evolution of Local Motors’ World of Vehicle Innovations,“ said Local Motors CEO Jay Rogers. “To deliver the first co-created, locally relevant, 3D-printed vehicle on an international stage dedicated to celebrating cutting-edge manufacturing technology is powerful reinforcement of our commitment to driving the Third Industrial Revolution.”

Local Motors is set to change the way we think about buying cars, since its business model focuses on building small scale vehicles that are actually designed by potential customers. A few other automakers are doing similar projects, but most of those Rolls-Royce and Bugatti models are far out of reach for the average consumer. Local Motors hopes that its crowdsourced cars will make customized vehicles more accessible to more people.

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