Green Halo - World's Tallest Vertical Garden Solar Energy

Milroy Perera Associates unveiled their design for the world’s tallest residential vertical garden in Sri Lanka. The tower will house 164 apartments across 46 floors packed with greenery.

The project aims to create a vertically distributed experience of living on the ground floor and boasts several sustainable features such as the use of solar energy, natural ventilation and drip irrigation. To minimize solar heat gain, the architects have designed the entire building such that no glass surfaces are directly exposed to sunlight.

Air conditioning is reduced to a minimum thanks to the optimal orientation of apartments, which allows for natural ventilation. In addition, the plants will act as sound and heat buffers and provide cleaner air. The vertical garden will be watered using an automated drip irrigation system that saves water and works independently from the occupants. Some of the building’s energy requirements will be met via solar panels installed on the roof and will be used for public lighting, elevators, recycling systems and other utilities.

Green Halo - World's Tallest Vertical Garden Solar Energy 2

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