For decades, Ferrari has made its name selling the sort of testosterone-packed cars that get petrol heads hot under the collar.

The Italian car-maker is ditching its famous red livery – temporarily at least – as it experiments with going green.

The Ferrari 599, a 200mph electric hybrid vehicle cuts pollution and fuel consumption while retaining the brand’s breathtaking acceleration and performance.

The 599 has the ability to start silently and run on a zero-emissions. The hybrid vehicle – which uses the electric motor to back up a more traditional 6.0-litre V12 petrol engine – even sports a bright metallic green paint to reinforce its environmentally friendly credentials.

Green Halo Ferrari 599 hybridThe two-seater will accelerate from 0-60mph in 3.5 seconds – quicker than the standard version – and to 125mph in 10.4 seconds. Under braking, the electric part of the hybrid system ‘captures’ energy that would otherwise be wasted from braking or slowing down, and uses it to recharge the batteries, which in turn can propel the car by electric power. 

CO2 emissions are cut to 270g/km – a 35 percent reduction on a conventional petrol-only model. It is expected to do up to 25 miles to the gallon, whereas the petrol- only version manages under 16mpg.

A Ferrari spokesman said: ‘ Ferrari has applied its F1 technology to the design, engineering and construction of a new kind of electric motor which also helps optimize the dynamics of the car.’

The aim is to have the green technology as an option across Ferrari’s entire range of cars by 2015.

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