Interview by dezeen magazine:

 3D Printing will revolutionise the way buildings are designed and built – and could herald a new aesthetic, according to Bart Van der Schueren, vice president of Belgian additive manufacturing company Materialise. 

“I do believe that in the not-too-distant future we will be able to print really large-scale architectural objects,” Van der Schueren said. “We will really see it on a level of houses and so on.”

Van der Schueren spoke to Dezeen earlier this year when they visited the leading 3D-printing company Materialise in Belgium as part of their print shift project, which documented cutting-edge developments in the 3D-printing world.

In this previously unpublished extract from the interview, Van der Schueren predicted that 3D printing would first be used to manufacture cladding for buildings, before being used to print structures containing integrated services such as plumbing and electrical conduits.

“You could think of making plastic structural components, which are covered by metals for aesthetic reasons, or [print] insulation [inside] the structure,” he said. “It’s certainly something that I can see developing in the next 5-10 years.”

This will give architects radical new aesthetic freedom, he predicted. “I see certainly in the coming years a development where architects will be able to become more free-form in their design and thinking thanks to the existence of 3D printing.”

green halo 3d printed house

At the start of this year several architects announced plans to build the first 3D-printed house. In January, Dutch firm Universe Architecture unveiled designs for a dwelling resembling a Möbius strip.

Shortly after, London studio Softkill published a proposal for a home made of interlocking fibrous plastic modules. The DUS Architects from Amsterdam announced that they were constructing a canal house in the city, using an on-site printer.

3d print house canal green halo

However, none of these proposals have yet been released.

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