“For example, with the launch of its GBIG (Green Building Information Gateway) earlier this month, the USGBC is providing the construction industry with a Web-based tool that will allow teams to better analyze trends in green building.


For an industry that is trying to get its arms around green building, a portal such as this could provide the data necessary to make informed decisions about green building in the future. With GBIG, maps, analytics, and insights reveal trends, patterns, and processes in green-building practices.

According to the USGBC, the Web-based tool provides a view of places, projects, collections, and credits, detailing the actions and activities of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) building owners and project teams.

Chris Pyke, vice president, research, USGBC, says, “The launch of GBIG represents years of research, information gathering, and testing, and has been a true labor of love. Green building has gone from an era of firsts, to a global movement, connected by data.”With GBIG, users can analyze trends and patterns in green-building practices, understanding connections between projects, products, and services.

While this portal can provide insight into green-building trends, USGBC has a number of other technology initiatives aimed at improving green-building processes.

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For example, its LEED Automation program improves the certification process by creating integrations between LEED Online and third-party technology platforms. Going a step further, the USGBC App Lab showcases many full applications for the needs of the different members of the project—the architect, the contractor, and even the owner.

With organizations such as the USGBC providing resources to advance green building, construction teams have the tools needed to construct energy-efficient facilities.”applications for the needs of the different members of the project—the architect, the contractor, and even the owner.

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