For the environmentally conscious, a wedding can seem like the ultimate in excessive consumption. But it’s becoming more acceptable to sideline tradition in favor of an eco-friendly approach. From start to finish, a wedding day can be as “green” as the couple can imagine.

Green Wedding 1

One way to save money and help the environment is with the invitations. The best option is to send electronic notices using a site with RSVP-tracking, such as Evite. Couples who must mail invitations can look for recycled paper and soy-based inks. Alternatively, handcrafted invitations using snapshots of the couple give an inexpensive, personal touch.

The greenest options for wedding attire are to buy secondhand, rent or reuse the dress of a close friend or relative. For those who need to buy new, designers now offer gowns in organic or eco-friendly fabrics such as hemp or bamboo.


Some caterers specialize in locally grown foods and wines. This eliminates the impact on the environment from trucking food long distances while contributing to the local economy.Couples should also plan for the cleanup by arranging for recycling bins at the reception site., for example, offers a list of companies that offer recycling or composting services for bottles, plastics, paper and more. Couples can enter a ZIP code at to find the nearest facility.It is possible to make green choices at every stage of planning a wedding. Even something as simple as recycling the wine bottles or decorating with seasonal flowers can create a positive energy for the big day.

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